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To receive all the benefits of your X-Tend the play service plan, please register your plan by entering the transaction information from your sales receipt as indicated below.

Please note: The transaction information is available in our system 3 business days from the date you purchased your plan.  If you are attempting to register and are unable to do so, please try again at a later date to allow the system to update.

The sample receipt on the right indicates where to find the transaction information on your receipt.Please enter the information and then click the submit button.

Note: If you purchased a service plan for an XBox One or PS4 PRP bundle package which includes your game console and additional accessories, you will not be able to register your plan below. Please click here and complete the form with information from your receipt. We will register your product for you and contact you with your service plan information.


Please enter the following information:

Transaction#:    (Please enter the last "5" digits of your transaction number)
Date Of Purchase:
Upon successfully registering, you will see a registration confirmation number.

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